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VMware vSphere Patch 6.5B Released

VMware have now released Patch 6.5B, Release Notes can be found here. Reading through the release notes there has been multiple fixes implemented such as the following:

  • Users with no vCenter Server permissions can log in to the vSphere Web Client – If you need to revert this change you can implement the following to enable the login, set the allow.user.without.permissions.login = true property in the file.
  • Cannot access HTML5-based vSphere Client on Windows Server 2016 External PSC (503 Service Unavailable)

This update also includes an update to the HTML5 vSphere Client. Find out more about this here.

There are also multiple known issues in this release so I would evaluate these before upgrading if you have not experienced the issues mentioned on the release notes. You can find the update here. I will be creating a guide on how to upgrade the VMware VCSA to vSphere 6.5B shortly so stay tuned! You can find my VMware VCSA 6.5 Install guide here!

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