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Configure GoSquared on WordPress

I have been using GoSquared for a while now so I thought I would blog about the site as I find it very useful for providing analytics on my site. I had been using the Free Trial and it has now ended so I decided to sign up to the full version of the product. The Free version of the product includes the following features –

  • 1,000 monthly datapoints
  • Now – real-time dashboard
  • Trends – historical dashboard
  • Daily email reports
  • Unlimited traffic spike alerts
  • Live chat with up to 100 free conversations
  • 100 People profiles in GoSquared People CRM

I personally find the e-mail’s to be very useful for me as an independent blogger as it keeps me informed on how well my blog is performing.

You can initially sign up here

GoSquared Create Account - Configure GoSquared on Wordpress

When you have created your account, you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. When you have completed this you can login to GoSquared and start your first project.

You will now be presented with an installation checklist. You will initially need to add a project, this is the site you want to receive GoSquared Analytics on. For example I have setup a project for this website When you have added the project you will need to install the analytics and chat to your site. This can be completed by adding the relevant code to your site. As I’m using WordPress I used the plugin that was created by Patrick Garman, this is also recommended in GoSquared’s installing analytics manual. You can find this by searching ‘GoSquared’ via add new plugin in WordPress.

Install GoSquared Plugin - Configure GoSquared on Wordpress

When this is installed you need to navigate to Settings –> General. You now need to paste your Site Token in to the GoSquared Settings area. You will find this Site Token in the code that is presented for the project. For example GSN-XXXXX in the code –

<script> !function(g,s,q,r,d){r=g[r]=g[r]||function(){(r.q=r.q||[]).push( arguments)};d=s.createElement(q);q=s.getElementsByTagName(q)[0]; d.src=‘//’;q.parentNode. insertBefore(d,q)}(window,document,‘script’,‘_gs’); _gs(GSN-XXXXX-I); </script>

When you have added this GSN Site Token in to the below settings you can save the settings at the bottom of the page.

You can also enable People integration if you want to use this feature.

GoSquared Settings - Configure GoSquared on Wordpress

Alternatively you can opt to not use the plugin and add the relevant code to your Header.php (For WordPress). You can do this by navigating to Appearance –> Editor. Before making changes I recommend you create a child theme for your Header.php if you are not already using one. Copy the relevant code provided from the GoSquared site with the correct GSN to your Header.php file before the closing </head> tag.

<script> !function(g,s,q,r,d){r=g[r]=g[r]||function(){(r.q=r.q||[]).push( arguments)};d=s.createElement(q);q=s.getElementsByTagName(q)[0]; d.src=‘//’;q.parentNode. insertBefore(d,q)}(window,document,‘script’,‘_gs’); _gs(GSN-XXXXX-I); </script>

Make sure you save this Header.php If you used this method.

You will now need to clear the cache on any caching plugins you may have installed on your WordPress installation. You should then click ‘Check Installation’ in GoSquared.

GoSquared Check Installation - Configure GoSquared on Wordpress

This will verify the code has been installed correctly on your site. You can now opt to enable chat on your site if you want to be able to add a live chat box on your site linked to GoSquared.

You should now be able to view your Now Dashboard in GoSquared. You can see an example of a default setup of the Now Dashboard for my site.

GoSquared Now Dashboard - Configure GoSquared on Wordpress

Another very good feature is the ability to be able to setup integration to Twitter, this will effectively notify you any time that your site is shared on Twitter.

GoSquared Twitter Search - Configure GoSquared on Wordpress

You can also see an example of the Trends Dashboard here –

GoSquared Trends Dashboard - Configure GoSquared on Wordpress

As you can see above GoSquared provides very good information that is useful for a blogging site and also any site that is involved in Sales, especially by implementing the chat button on your site to quickly be able to answer any customer queries.

This concludes the blog post for today! You can visit the GoSquared site here.

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