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VMware vCloud Director 8.20 Now GA!

VMware vCloud Director 8.20 has now been announced! I’ve always been a supporter of vCloud Director and I’m very excited for this release! You can find the official post announcement here. This release has added features that should have been implemented a long time ago If you ask for my opinion! However they have now been released so I’m very excited to try them out! These features include:

  • “Adopt a vCenter” – This has added the functionality to be able to easily adopt VM’s in to vCloud Director. You can now simply move the running VM in to the relevant resource pool and then login to the vCloud Director vApp and ‘Adopt’ the VM. This has added the simplicity that should have been added a long time ago! I expect vCD Providers to be very happy about this added feature as it will make migrations a lot easier and it will ultimately involve a lot less downtime, If any.
  • NSX Has now been fully integrated in to vCloud Director – This is another feature I’m very excited about, I’m very glad that VMware are going towards the HTML5 routes as these control panels are a lot more responsive than previous tools. You can now edit NSX configuration via a HTML5 site.

I’m very glad that they are still working on vCloud Director as I’m sure there are a lot of Service Providers using vCD. These additional features will make the migration to vCD even easier!

You can find my previous posts on vCloud Director 8.10 here. I will be installing vCloud Director 8.20 In my lab environment as soon as possible so I can blog about these features! Stay tuned! #longlivevcd


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