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Windows Server 2016 Released!

Windows Server 2016 was officially released on the 1st of October and is available for evaluation. There are many new features in Windows Server 2016, Such as Nano Server and Shielded Virtual Machines. You can see the feature differences in the editions below as per the Windows Server 2016 page here

Windows Server 2016 Editions - Windows Server 2016 Released!

If you have a HomeLab you may want to evaluate the product or If you want to check this out before deploying this to production you can find the download here.

Microsoft have changed the pricing model for this version of Microsoft Server. They are now using per-core licensing so often this will work out more expensive than previously, especially if you are using CPU’s with a high amount of cores. You can find more on licensing here

I haven’t yet been able to evaluate the product but I’m looking forward to trying this out and blogging about my experience! I will be creating articles regarding the new features and how to use them. Stay tuned for these to come shortly!

Thanks for reading!

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