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Installing Horizon Toolbox 2

I have had the requirement to provide the ability to be able to use Remote Assistance on VDI machines to provide support to the users. Unfortunately this isn’t a feature that is currently built in to VMware Horizon View. The Horizon Toolbox 2 has been created and it currently on the VMware Flings website, this provides this functionality along with other useful features such as session audit reporting.

You will need to initially download the software which can be found on the VMware Flings website –

I would also recommend downloading the Horizon Toolbox 2.0 Guide which can be found here –

When you have the VMware-Horizon-Toolbox-x64-2.1.1.msi you can proceed to copy this to your VMware Horizon View server as this is where we will be installing the software. If you have a VMware Horizon View HA Environment you can pick the server that you would like to install this on.

Start the installer and you will see the following page. The install is very simple but I thought I would create this post as I will be creating one on how to configure the remote assistance function.

Horizon Toolbox Setup Wizard - Installing Horizon Toolbox 2

Confirm the installation folder, I have left this as default. I’m not sure if there are any known issues about installing this using a different drive letter.

Horizon Toolbox Installation Folder - Installing Horizon Toolbox 2

Confirm if you want to configure the firewall automatically.

Horizon Toolbox Configure Firewall - Installing Horizon Toolbox 2

Select Next to continue the installation.

Horizon Toolbox Confirm Installation - Installing Horizon Toolbox 2

When the software has installed you will be presented with the following page –

Horizon Toolbox Installation Complete - Installing Horizon Toolbox 2

Horizon Toolbox 2 will now start automatically. You can now navigate to the Horizon View Toolbox website which can be found here – https://[YourServer]:18443/toolbox/

You will be presented with the following login box. You can login using your VMware Horizon View credentials.

Horizon Toolbox Login Prompt - Installing Horizon Toolbox 2

When you login you’ll be presented with the following page If you have had users login to your Horizon View server/VDI environment.

Horizon Toolbox Logged In - Installing Horizon Toolbox 2

This finishes the installation of Horizon Toolbox 2. You can find my post on installing and configuring remote assistance here.

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