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vCloud Director CloudCleaner Tool

I will be creating a vCloud Director install series so I wanted to clean-up my existing vCenter to make sure that there was not any objects remaining from my previous vCloud Director installation. I knew of a tool called CloudCleaner ( that is a VMware Fling so I have decided to make a guide on how to use it. It has not been updated in a long time but still seems to work on vSphere 6. You will need to download the initial file from here – – You may need Java Runtime Environment/Java to be installed for this to work correctly. This can be downloaded via their website.

Open the file and you will be presented with the following login prompt. You will need to enter your vCenter Hostname/IP and your administrator credentials.

CloudCleaner vCenter Credentials - vCloud Director CloudCleaner Tool

CloudConnector will now scan the vCenter of anything left over by a previous vCloud Director Installation.

CloudCleaner Scan vCenter - vCloud Director CloudCleaner Tool

As you can see below, you will be presented with the below. This will confirm the items that it will attempt to remove from the vCenter. You can remove items from this list If required. I would advise being very careful here as It will remove old VM’s, Folders, resource pools and it may put your hosts in maintenance mode to remove the vCloud Agent.

CloudCleaner Items to be removed - vCloud Director CloudCleaner Tool

When you press ‘Start Cleaning!’ it will ask for your host credentials so It can remove the vCloud Agent.

CloudCleaner Host Credentials - vCloud Director CloudCleaner Tool

You can now see it is proceeding to remove the folders and resource pools left over by vCloud Director. The tool attempted to place my host in maintenance mode but as I use local storage I had to cancel this operation via vCenter.

CloudCleaner Items Removing - vCloud Director CloudCleaner Tool

Stay tuned for a vCloud Director Install series coming shortly!

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