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vCloud Director 8.10 Released for Service Providers

vCloud Director 8.10 for Service Providers has now been released. This was released on the 27/05/2016, This is now available to download via the VMware website if you have a Service Provider subscription. VMware have finally listened to feedback from customers and service providers and added features to the GUI that were only previously available via the vCloud Director API.

New features as per the release notes ( are as follows –

Expanded UI Access to Features

Many operations that were previously accessible only from the vCloud API are now accessible in the vCloud Director Web Console.

Virtual Machine Affinity Rules

Support has been added for creation of affinity and anti-affinity rules for virtual machines. You can use the vCloud Director Web Console or the vCloud API to create affinity rules that allow you to spread a group of virtual machines across different hosts or keep a group of virtual machines on a particular host

Object Extensibility

A new Object Extensibility feature has been introduced. vCloud Director object extensions are external applications that can participate in, influence, or override the logic that vCloud Director applies to complex operations like vApp instantiation and placement.

Advanced Virtual Machine Properties and Host Configurations

If your service provider has enabled custom configurations of ESXi hosts in a resource pool that backs a VDC in your organization, you can apply object metadata in the VCENTER domain to virtual machines that can take advantage of the special properties of those hosts. The system uses that metadata to place the virtual machines on appropriate hosts.

VDC Permissions

Tenant administrators can limit access to organization VDCs for all organization members or selected users.

Tenant throttling

The system administrator can limit the number of resources that a user or organization could consume. This ensures that no tenant can consume excessive system resources with concurrent long-running operations.

Unattended Installation

The system configuration utility now supports scripted, unattended installation.

Expanded Hardware Version and Guest OS support

The system now supports Hardware Version 11 and Windows 10.

Another change that is worth mentioning is that VMware have removed support for vShield Manager with this version of vCloud Director. You will need to make sure that your vShield installations have been migrated to VMware NSX Manager.

You can view the supported databases for vCloud Director 8.10 here

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