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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Is Now GA!

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Is now officially available online! The blog post regarding this on the Technet Forums can be found here.

Quote from the post “SQL Server 2016 has ground-breaking performance optimizations and efficiencies, leading to new levels of performance and scale. Modern servers can support a large number of cores with sophisticated vector instructions, can hold terabytes of memory, and provide very high I/O bandwidth with local flash storage. Optimizing for the concurrency and parallelism inherent within such servers can provide dramatic speedups at scale, and often outperform large distributed databases.”

Microsoft collaborated with Intel to test the performance of SQL Server 2016, they come to the conclusion that is was around 48% faster than previous versions so I would say that is a significant performance improvement!

To find out more about the features click here or to download the product click here.

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