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Install Plex on Ubuntu Headless via Command Line

You may have used Plex on a Windows machine or a Windows Server but it may be better to run it on Ubuntu Linux as it has a smaller footprint on your environment.

You will need to initially create a Ubuntu machine for this to be installed on. I will be creating a guide for how to complete this so stay tuned as this will be released shortly. Once you are at this stage we can SSH to the Ubuntu machine and proceed to the installation.

I will be installing this on Ubuntu 14.0.1 LTS as this is a supported OS by Plex.

You will need to obtain the latest Plex update URL, this can be found here

You will need to navigate to the type of Ubuntu you are running for either 32 Bit or 64 Bit. You will then need to right click the 32 Bit or 64 Bit Box and select ‘Copy Link Address’

Plex Ubuntu 64 Bit 32 Bit - Install Plex on Ubuntu Headless via Command Line

For example when the Hyperlink for the current version as per the time of this post –

You will now need to SSH to your Ubuntu box using your favourite SSH client! I use Putty so you would login and then run the following command –

sudo wget

This will download the file, you can then install the file by using the following command (You will need to change this to the correct version number which can be found at the end of the URL) –

sudo dpkg -I plexmediaserver_0.

You will now be able to verify this has installed correctly by navigating to your Plex server via the following URL –


You may be prompted with a certificate warning regarding this website. You can safely ignore this warning and continue to the website. You will need to agree to the Terms of Service.

That’s all for now but I will be creating another guide shortly on how to create Libraries and how to create a NTFS partition with a Samba share so you can import media to your Plex server If you do not have it stored on a NAS or an alternate file server.

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